Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well, we arrived in Athens yesterday after another long day and a half of travelling. Let me just throw it out there that unless you're standing atop the Acropolis, Athens is probably one of the slummiest places Ive ever been. We got here in the late afternoon and decided to overthrow our jetlag by going for a wander in our area. Bad idea.

In Athens, each street looks similar to the last, so map-less and clueless, we wandered and were lost for about three hours. It also isn't too helpful when the locals are all giving you seperate directions to where they think the hostel is. We conversed with roommates (only 8 this time) and then headed down to the bar for our free shot of Ouzo - a Greek liquor made from distilled grapes. It tastes like Sambuka but with a bit more of a burn I suppose! The bar doesn't make dinner on Mondays so a group of us headed around the corner for some Kebabs..3.50 for two very filling Grecian delights! We headed back to the bar and sipped on Sex on the Beach, Strawberry Martinis, Beers and more Ouzo until calling it quits - we had to be up early this morning for a 6 hour walking tour of Athens.

Jenna didn't make it. Hahaha.

So this morning I took a stroll to the grocery store to grab some fruit and water before the ten of us embarked on six hours of treking throughout Athens. It was long but fantastic. We got out of the slums and saw the Parliament (including a large protest as the people attempt to overthrow their Government), the Presidents house, the Olympic Stadium, and then up to the Acropolis. Treking up the Acropolis while its 25 plus was a bit to get used to, but fantastic none the less.

Now for lounging, laundry, showering and more kebabs tonight Im sure. This is our last night in Hostel Aphrodite until we hop a train tomorrow to Patras. The plan from here is to spend our night there and then get on the ferry to Corfu where we are hoping to get a room at the Pink Palace.

Pictures sometime soon! Jenna took the entire afternoon to load hers and I dont think I've got the patience. Hope you're all well at home!

Love, Ash

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mind the Gap!

We have finally settled in - only to be leaving tonight! You know, I was fairly overwhelmed with this city at first, and even considered that this year might take much longer than expected. Except that after today I love it already.

We spent the entirety of the afternoon yesterday napping..uhh, haha. And found a nice grocery store where we have been buying excessive amounts of fresh produce and good food - for so cheap! We woke up early this morning and ate breakfast in the hostel, amongst our 19 roomates - yes, nineteen! Even the washrooms are unisex, the showers are not, don't worry! We hopped on the tube to the Wellington Arch and took a two hour tour of the royal part of London - including watching changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, seeing the parliament, Big Ben, the London Eye and Westminister Abbey.

Tonight we catch the tube around ten or so to the train station, where we catch a train to the airport and then wait around until 4am when we can check our baggage for our flight to Greece.
We will probably be napping tomorrow afternoon, as well.

Hope all is well!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

London, England

We arrived in England this morning, completely exhausted due to almost an entire day of travelling - but we are here safe and have found our hostel no problem! It's raining a bit but tomorrow should be sunny and warm. We ate an english breakfast this morning at a small joint called Giraffe and drank a bit of tea. Now, we don't know what to make of ourselves.

Wandering it is!

Danielle, there is a postcard in the mail for you already.
Talk soon!


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The followthrough.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

" You must believe totally in the lives of the people and the places where you find yourself, even if it causes you to lose faith in the life you left behind."

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Round and round and round it goes
where it stops, nobody knows.