Wednesday, May 6, 2009

See you soon!

In case you havent heard yet, Barcelona took me for all I had! Ive got nothing left but clothing and my shower supplies. Makes my bag a bit lighter though, right?

Anyway! On Sunday afternoon my backpack was taken whilst I ate lunch. It contained pretty much everything pertaining to my trip, most importantly my journal and photos. Jenna has been kindly supporting me the past few days, luckily also buying me a very tacky journal. So I have been spending my time trying to recap everything that went missing from my old one. A bit of luck, but a lot of work!

They are unable to get me a passport with my work visa and everything, plus the expense of replacing the things I need to travel with (Railpass, etc), the solution is to come home, pay everything off, sort everything out and begin again! Guess I get to see Eastern Europe next time ... that part isnt so bad!

I will be in debt probably for the next month or so, but I already have a shift at the ice cream shop Sunday night at 6! Best job!

So, I will be back in Regina Friday night at 1030, lets hangout? I will be on the beach until then, just making sure my sunburn is in full effect. Hahaha. Shit. I will take the time to update about our roadtrip and the past week when I am home, or we can just talk about it in person!

Pretty excited for my longboard and Arts Fest though. Not going to lie!
Love, Ashley

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  1. Love you darlin, though I'm sure you'll handle the curve ball with great panache'. See you soon.